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We want to contribute to ourcustomers‘ technicalimprovement with our ownproduct, Plasman



  • R2R (Roll to Roll) Current Thermal Processing Equipment "NewProduct Added to Special SPS Equipment

  • Patent Pending for "Clad Material Manufacturing Equipment Using Current Thermal Processing Technology

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What is S. S. Alloy Co., Ltd. ?

S. S. Alloy is a manufacturing company based at Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.
We have been manufacturing a pulse energization thermal processing equipment that named “PLASMAN”.
PLASMAN performs the materials processing utilizing the pulse-electric current (directly energizing the materials or applying the thermal energy directly through the graphite or alloy die). The main use of PLASMAN is sintering, which allows us the efficient short-time sintering. PLASMAN is also effective for joining materials and fabrication of porous body in addition to the high-dense sintering.
Moreover, PLASMAN is customizable for various purposes. We excel at developing the customized one-of-a-kind “PLASMAN” and accept special orders designed to suit the needs of our customers.

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